M24 Sniper Gun Simulation Lamp


M24 Sniper Gun Simulation Lamp

M24 Gun Sniper – rifle / firearm / diorama / model / sculpture
◾️ any other weapon model on request – contact me!

◾️ Material: metal (zinc) ABS
◾️ Quality and detailed 1:1 scale model
◾️ NOT 3dprinted, resin, ceramic, carved etc.
◾️ 12V power supply – included
◾️ ON/OFF cord
◾️ EU wall plug (plug adapter can be required for your region)

⚔️ Two settings avaliable
1️⃣ Simple Version: external cord with ON/OFF switch (just like in any other regular lamps)
2️⃣ Advanced Version: ON/OFF operated by FIRING TRIGGER (by pulling the trigger you can turn the lamp on or off – check VIDEO)

❌ documentation attached to the shipment, however, it is your responsibility to find out if the item can be delivered to you. I am not responsible for confiscated shipments!

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