I already made over 100 different projects and completed over 1000 orders with 5 star feedback and over 200 reviews (Etsy shop stats – 20.09.2022)

So far (09.2021) my products have reached almost 30 countries around the world, including: USA, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, Israel, Pakistan, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, France, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Indonesia, Italy, Slovakia, Poland, Belgium, Austria, Morocco, Singapore, Russia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Spain (…) – Thank you!

Update (10.2022): Greece, Bulgaria, Mexico, India, Katar, Romania, Latvia, Denmark, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong – China, Taiwan, Switzerland, Iceland, Hungary, Portugal, Czech Republic, Lebanon, Serbia

48 in total (10.2022)

Update (2023): 48 US States + Kanada/Alaska + Hawaii –> 50 from 50

You can go directly to my Etsy Shop and check all feedbacks and reviews (if it’s active)

Etsy stats 12.2022 || +1100 sales

Etsy stats 12.2022 || +220 reviews 5 stars

Etsy stats 12.2022 || +1500 ppl favorite shop

Etsy stats 12.2022 || +700,000 listings view

Mentioned in the “BE AMAZED” Youtube video “Amazing Things You Need In Your Home” with over 1mln views

My Nuclear Explosion model was the inspiration for a video by Youtuber MOKSO, which garnered over 7 million views

If you type “Nuclear Explosion” in Google Search and go to “Graphic” then you will find my Nuclear Explosion Diorama somewhere between real Nuclear Blasts

Over the internet

Extract from archive (Etsy feedbacks update 07.2023)