[MINI 5L] Jerry CAN BAR Storage


Mini Jerry Can Bar

Mini Jerry Can Bar

◾️ Made from used CAN (refurbished)
◾️ Weight: ~2kg
◾️ Dimensions: 5L
◾️ Color: custom
◾️ Black interior

◾️ Various indoor and outdoor posters can be used as a personalization (metal sheets, plastic graphics, stickers, etc. – see photos) – ASK for availability!
◾️ Any other customization like: different lock, different way of opening, different interior, LEDs, inscription requires separate order and consultation!

⚠️ All is handcrafted and made from NEW or USED parts (cans, empty casings, boxes) so the pictures shown are an example with the use of components, depending on the availability and type of parts and manual work, each product may vary!

More In DECO: https://evilinc.eu/workshop
Site Tree (ENG): https://linktr.ee/evilinc.eu
Zbior Linkow i Projektow (PL): https://linktr.ee/pjoterkrk69

Mini Jerry Can Bar
Lightbox Plus
Mini Jerry Can Bar
Lightbox Plus